The short films presenting the 2021 Hungarian National Roma Platform projcect – with English subtitles to ensure the widest possible publicity – have been produced.

The aim is to showcase the dialogue and cooperation processes at local level, as well as the diversity and interconnectedness of the actors involved in the inclusion sector through the Roma Platform application.

The short films aim to show the core values and methods of the field of social inclusion and the results achieved so far:

  • Shared decision, shared proposal, shared responsibility – social inclusion is a matter for all of us.
  • There is a way out of poverty.
  • Partnership – working togeher.
  • Delivering local programmes.

The short films can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Thank you to all the participants who are featured in the short films, and also to those who were not able to be featured in the film, but who were with us on the conuntry-walk and work tirelessly every day to help our Roma compatriots who are working to social inclusion and escape poverty.

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