The „Hungarian National Roma Platform” continued in Véménd with even more participants

Iván Sörös welcoming the participants

The “Hungarian National Roma Platform” continued this week with more participants and with a personal presence: the social consultation event took place in Véménd which is in the southern part of the country, in Baranya County. It was opened by Iván Sörös, Head of Department, representing Katalin Victor Langerné, Deputy State Secretary for Social Inclusion of the Ministry of Interior.

Other speakers giving welcoming speeches at the consultation included dr. László Őri, President of the Baranya County Assembly, Zoltán Szalonna, Mayor of Véménd and József Sárközi, President of the Baranya County Roma Nationality Self-Government.

Dr. László Őri, President of the Baranya County Assembly

The presentations also provided valuable professional knowledge for the participants: the recent developments of the social inclusion policy were presented by Iván Sörös, Head of Department in the Deputy State Secretariat. The role of the Directorate General for Social Inclusion in the social inclusion policy was presented by Edit Nőth Horváthné, as Head of the South Transdanubian Social Inclusion Directorate.

Dávid Kiss, a professional staff member of the the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, presented the long-term development programme of the emerging settlements, emphasising that “helping well” is extremely important: in catching up it is not enough to provide help in such a way that those lagging behind are still behind us; they must be helped in a way that they can really, actually work off their disadvantage, catch up and be on the same level as us, who support them.

Then Ildikó Szabó-Fazekas from the Deputy State Secretariat, gave a presentation on the planned social inclusion programmes for the period 2021-2027.

Int he following sections titled “Those who live and work among us in the county”, provided knowledge about local good practices, and the work of local Roma nationality self-governments was presented by the leaders: first János Orsós, the Roma Nationality Self-Government of Véménd, and then Szidónia Felföldi, the Roma Nationality Self-Government of Szalánta reported on their activities. Finally, the Mayor of Ócsárd, Zoltán Keserű presented the village of Ócsárd and the work of the Mayor’s Office.